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29 July 2007 @ 12:55 am
alright some shit i've watched recently  
the host 2 disc special edition- 5/5 would definitely recommend checking this out. if you liked jurrasic park, godzilla, jaws, or any other creature features this movie will be awesome to you. i don't usually like this kind of shit but, i liked this one a whole lot.

august underground- 4/5 closest thing to actual snuff you will ever get without getting arrested. it was alright, but a more modern equivalent to the guinea pig series esp. devil's experiment.

weird science- 4/5 foul mouthed little fucks trying to make a girl. not as bad as it sounded. need to get my hands on a copy of wargames because it looks pretty sweet.

knocked up 41/2/5 really wasn't bad at all. liked the storyline, liked the laughs, and liked the boot dvd. not watching this at the theater ruled because i hate sitting near douchbags that stink eating popcorn.

hostel 2- 5/5- liked it a lot. not really as gay as the first one. and by gay i mean anal leakage. this movie was written well, and executed well. ballsy shit to be in theaters. starting to grow to like eli roth.

nikos the impaler- 5/5- lloyd kaufman got killed by nikos' sword. fucking shit metal and a barbarian on the loose decapitating the shit out of whatever moves. extreme gore effects. no one is spared. loved it.

violent shit- 4/5 earlier version of nikos. good luck finding this on dvd. will have to bribe me with enchiladas if you ever want to see this.

zombiegeddon- 5/5- i need some fucking grits from the house. fucking love troma, and goddamn zombiegeddon.

last house on dead end street- 5/5- more wannabe snuff shit, but with a better storyline. will require more enchiladas for viewing.

visitor q- 4/5- gave this a 4/5 because you would have to be a sick fuck to think this shit is a perfect film. i liked it, but it was really fucking disturbing.

monster squad 5/5- if you don't have this quit being a piss stream and go find a moviestop and buy it. wolfman does have nards.

gidget- 5/5- bet your ass i liked this movie. i don't give a fuck, good is good.

fucking hero- 5/5- this shit ruled. didn't think i was capable of liking martial arts movies, but shit this movie plowed a ton of ass.

the thing- 4/5 it was alright but a little bit overrated. john carpenter is kind of a money hungry dickmuncher anyhow.

bud ice 5/5- got me fucking drunk without having to drink a 12 pack. cheers to 5.5 alcohol content.

oh and rodriguez's mexico trilogy was a 5/5. loved desperado, el marichi, and once upon a time in mexico.

i'm ready for basketball season to start back. maybe this season it won't be set up by the mafia so miami can reclaim the crown.
i've quit smoking for over a month now and i'm pretty surprised/proud of myself. i just up and fucking did it, and now it's over. i mean i have cravings and shit, but that would be fucking stupid to restart smoking after quitting a fucking month. didn't quit drinking though.

when is municipal waste/ringworm playing bham? nothing to go to. oh shit wait{



get fucked and no m0shin.
Current Music: godflesh- streetcleaner
jennlove on July 29th, 2007 06:15 pm (UTC)
what is that rating that you gave knocked up?
and i gave nikos 0/5.
i give you a 100/5 :)
vincevincemosh on July 29th, 2007 09:50 pm (UTC)
knocked up 4.5/5
nikos 6.66/5
jennlove on July 30th, 2007 12:41 pm (UTC)
oh well.
atleast you like gidget.
best boyfriend ever.
Christinedr_christine on July 31st, 2007 06:00 am (UTC)
Hey, I saw that you had Eli Roth listed as one of your interests. I recently made a new community for fans of his work if you'd be interested. Hope to see you there.


Sorry to have to comment on your personal journal about this.